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Retro Review: Bomberman Hero

John and Mike review the N64 game Bomberman Hero. Note that this is episode 57 despite saying that it’s 67 in the episode.

Bomberman Hero

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Episode 58B: Star Trek and Mass Effect

The “meat and potatoes” of our episode where John and Jessie discuss the similarities between Star Trek and Mass Effect. Note that there are some spoilers for Mass Effect in this episode, but we do not discuss the ending.


We attempted to take out the worst spoilers for Mass Effect. You can hear those discussions here:Spoilers

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Episode 58A: Star Trek & Mass Effect

This is actually only the “news” section of the episode. We discussed news for about 40 minutes and I figured it would be a few more days before I managed to finish editing the entire podcast. I also know that it had been awhile since the last Trektinis, and I really wanted to get something out to you guys. I will have the full Star Trek & Mass Effect discussion posted next week.

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