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Apparently the king of Jordan enjoys Star Trek AND spending Money

Star Trek Theme Park

Finally there is going to be a desert location for environmentally friendly Trek fans to gather! No, really the king of Jordan has decided to build a $1.5 Billion Star Trek theme park. I don’t know how I’m only now hearing about this considering the story was printed a little over a week ago, but it sounds like this is for real. If only this were being built somewhere closer than the other side of the world it would sound like a great “on location” episode of Trektinis.

You can read more about it on Gizmodo

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Chime and Tiny Tower

Blistered Thumbs focuses on some downloadable games this time around as John and Mike review Chime for PSN and John does a solo review of Tiny Tower for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

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Episode 52B: Gambit Review

Trektinis concludes John, Jessie, and Mike’s review of the TNG episode “Gambit”

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Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Mike reviews Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Nintendo Wii.

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