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Episode 52A: Gambit Review

John, Jessie, and Mike review the season 7 Next Generation episode; Gambit.

We try a drink called “Starfleet” in this episode!

Ms. Splosionman

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Belated E3 Wrap Up Part 2

John and Jessie conclude there discussion about this year’s E3.

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Hindsight – Metroid: Other M

It has been about 10 months of our review of the highly controversial game Metroid: Other M. After putting this game in the back of my mind for a while, I came across some recent comments made about the game and felt that I had a better feel about my true feelings about this game.

To this day, I still give Team Ninja credit for taking on the neigh impossible task of taking a beloved franchise in a new direction.

The two main elements that tugged at the nerves of fans are the presentation of Samus’ character and the linear gameplay.

While the story didn’t bother me as much as others, there are some undeniable problems. Samus has been a silent loner in all the games to this point. This makes creating her character difficult for the writers because her personality has been left to the devices of the gamer, therefore everyone will have a different expectation of who Samus should be. That being said, I have a difficult time seeing the Samus we are presented with in Other M as the same character we’ve seen over the years in any situation.

The scene where Samus is presented as a child is one that fans love to site. Apparently this alludes to her watching Ridley killing her parents, which can be seen in comics. The problem is that it is not presented in a way that will make that connection for the gamers that haven’t read the comic. Also, at this point in the series, Samus has defeated Ridley several times already.

As far as the gameplay, I don’t have a problem with Team Ninja breaking a mold and making a linear Metroid, however, if you’re going to do that, do it right. There were still items that you would need to get after you get more abilities, but the levels were clearly designed to be traversed in a specific direction, making exploration tedious. The user is not intended to retrace his or her steps in highly linear games like God of War. Can you imagine running backwards through a God of War game for more than 60 seconds? Either be liner or don’t. Other M didn’t know what it wanted to be.

Despite all that, I will be more than eager for the next Metroid title.

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Belated E3 Wrap Up Show!

This is part 1 of John and Jessie’s discussion of the games and hardware showcased at E3 this year.

Neither of us were actually at E3, but we followed E3 as well as you can without being there.

Leave us comments! What games and hardware are you looking forward to most?

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