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Episode 27: Weapons of Trek

Episode 27 is now available.  John, Jessie, and Phil talk about the weapons of Trek, and drink a Photon Torpedo. 

There is also a new outtake available, and we’re looking for ideas for future episodes.  Leave comments here or join us in the forums.

Listen, and enjoy.

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Episode 26: The New Movie Review Pt. 2

The second part of our review of the new movie is posted.  We’ve got Jason Roestel with us, and in this part you’ll hear us actually review the movie (as opposed to the last part where we managed to give a synopsis and get off topic every 30-45 seconds).

Jude Law in Hamlet

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Need suggestions on the forum!

We are going to do a “most ridiculous things in Star Trek” episode in the near future and we need your suggestions!

Get on the forum in the episode suggestions category and tell us what crazy moments you want us to talk about!

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