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A few other notes

I should also have put links out here for the few short articles that were written about Trektinis.  The links were on our main page before, but that’s all changed now. 

Jason Roestel wrote an article talking about the podcast, and then wrote again after we did the Tini Awards .

There was a short piece about the podcast over at io9

And finally we made the list of Great Links: Drink Up Edition over at

It’s awesome that people are listening, and it appears as though there are at least a few people besides John and me who are having fun with this.

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First Post

There are quite a few changes I’m trying to roll out a little bit at a time, so bare with me if there are any problems.  Feel free to email, post in the forums, or just leave comments to this post and I’ll take care of them. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to do things in an organized enough way to keep from bringing up problems, but my testing environment isn’t identical to our live server, so I’m trying to go slowly and test as I go to make sure things aren’t broken.

Anyway this area will be for us to make announcements, or just share random things we’re amused with at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who visits!

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